Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My interview of Filimeno Nazareno: Naval History vs His Story

    I interviewed Filimeno Nazareno for my Digital Oral History Project because I shoot archery with his family. His story was almost guaranteed to be interesting because he immigrated from the Philippines to the United States through recruitment into the US Navy.  He was born August 11, 1933 in rural Naic, a town in the province of Cavite within 50 km of Manilla in the Philippines on the main island of Luzon .  Due to Filimeno's old age and health he was not fully lucid so his son Jon offered to help conduct the interview because he knew his father's intricate story. This brought on a certain father son dynamic that captured the experiences in a way I did not expect, so I chose to mostly observe.  Emotions ran high as Fil's experiences of his childhood came rushing back into memory. For Fil, Jon, and I, the interview process was an emotional roller-coaster that took us from extreme grief and guilt to laughter and starry-eyed reminiscences. This initial portion of the interview focuses on Fil's childhood life in the Philippines during the Japanese occupation.

     The second portion of this interview is based on Filimeno's experiences in the US Navy and In the United states.


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