Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Moving to Daly City with Ferdinand Valderona- by Erick Hernandez

English 100 Interview by Erick Hernandez

Ferdinand Valderona is a recent Filipino Immigrant who came here with his son, Jason Bolloso to rebuild life in the United States, and more specifically: Daly City. Ferdinand had been living his entire life up until 2010 when he decided to move to Daly City and build life their with his son and uncle. Without having a place to work back in the Philippines, Ferdinand must adapt to life in the United States and find a place to support his family in Daly City. Throughout the few years that he has been in Daly City, Ferdinand talks about what it is like to be living in America, how he feels about being outside of the Philippines, and how his life in Daly City is working out for him. Ferdinand also talks about his semi-political views regarding democracy and his personal opinion about Ferdinand Marcos and the recent Typhoon in his homeland.

Section 1: How much different is the U.S. culture as compared to Filipino Culture?

Section 2: Did you ever feel homesick? Was there a point in time when you felt homesick?

Section 3: How much has the U.S. impacted your life?

Section 4: Did you have any relatives that were hit by the huge typhoon Yolanda?

Section 5: Is there anybody that you look up to in Filipino History? Since Ferdinand Marcos was a big part of Filipino history, do you agree with his ways or a more democratic position?


As time will go on, Ferdinand will find more and more reasons as to stay in the United States along with his son and uncle. Seeing as how he has retired his work back in the Philippines, has had felt homesick at least once in his life, enjoys both Filipino AND American culture, feels strong about his democratic views, and disagrees with Ferdinand Marcos' reign, I feel that Ferdinand Marcos will feel right at home in his new country. 

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