Monday, December 9, 2013

Mr. Jose Enlope interview by Sultan Gyulakhmedov

My interviewee, Jose Enlope whose history is the life of Filipino immigrant worker, who left the Homeland because of poverty and lack of opportunity for successful life. Jose Enlope was born in Negros Island, Philippines in 1957 in a middle class family. Jose finished high school and graduated college in Manila city, then left the Philippines when he was 21 years old. Jose immigrated to Guam where he worked 16 year for Japanese Farm Company. Then in 1994 Jose moved to Saudi Arabia, where he was working 4. Finally in 2001 Jose arrived to the United States and settled in San Francisco.

1  Introduction & background 
2  Life in the Philippines
3  Leaving the Philippines  
4  Settling in the United States
5  Life in the United States
6  Homesickness 

Segment 1: Introduction & background 

Segment 2: Life in the Philippines

Segment 3:  Leaving the Philippines 

Segment 4:  Settling in the United States

Segment 5:  Life in the United States

Segment 6:  Homesickness

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